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These days, metal braces aren't the only option!

We offer a variety of different braces as alternatives. 


Most people have either seen or know people who have had steel braces.They are very common and popular amongst patients who choose to get braces.


Steel braces are perfect for all ages as they are robust and provide high treatment efficiency with the freedom to be customized with coloured ligatures/modules to suit each individual’s tastes.  


A translucent, tooth coloured braces option for patients who prefer a more aesthetically pleasing type of treatment.


Clear ceramic braces provide the same treatment plan as those in stainless steel braces but without the obvious mouthful of braces.


As they are more fragile when compared to stainless steel braces any breakages can cause a slightly prolonged treatment.


However, following the step-by-step guide on how to maintain your braces will prevent any breakages from happening. 


Gold braces are also made from stainless steel but are coated with a thin layer of gold. This provides the same lightweight and smaller design features as stainless steel braces.

However, the gold braces are known for a higher-quality look and to be more aesthetically pleasing.

They do not stain and retain their gold luster throughout the braces treatment. 


The newest braces technology to be utilized within our practice.

The Incognito lingual braces enables patients to go through complete orthodontic treatment with the braces placed behind an individual’s teeth.

Therefore giving the illusion of no braces with your teeth slowly moving into their desired position. We recommend lingual braces for eligible adult patients. 

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