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Our team here at Footscray Orthodontics strives to provide exceptional treatment and to create a friendly and professional environment where you feel confident that you are receiving the best treatment possible.

Our staff have a keen interest in orthodontics and are able to answer all of your questions regarding treatment and any of the procedures that you may encounter whilst you are with us. 

Ann Dinh

Senior Oral Health Therapist

Ann is our senior OHT and has many years of experience working closely alongside Dr Tadic. 

Ann helps patients maintain perfect oral hygiene while creating a friendly and comfortable environment. She is amazing with children and is known with patients as having a gentle touch.

Laura Cao

Oral Health Therapist

Laura is an integral part of our clinical team. She is very passionate about her work and takes pride in educating patients on the importance of oral health. 

Patients are drawn to Laura's calming presence, as she has a way of easing nerves and anxiety.

Louis Truong

Oral Health Therapist

Louis was a patient of Dr. Tadic's before he joined our clinical team! He has first hand experience to be able to help patients throughout their orthodontic journeys. He has a keen eye for detail and works alongside Dr. Tadic to provide you with exceptional care.

Practice Manager

Assistant Manager

Clinic Co-ordinator


Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant

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